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Uh, hallo
aiturnizzle wrote in jaybaruchelfans
Welcome to Jay Baruchel Fans @ LJ!

I'll get around to podting some actual content here eventually (exams are currently ruining my entire life) but i have a plethora of movies, screencaps and other randy bits and bobs to upload for everyone.

So in the meantime, if you've got some interesting stuff to post up (news, pictures, trivia, etc.) please do!

And pimp the comm out to your friends! I'm pretty sure i'm not the only Jay fan on lj :D

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You are definitely not the only Jay fan on LJ! :D

I'll have icons up by tomorrow night, I just got a bunch of Fanboys screens! :3

Ahhh i'm glad that i'm not the only one kicking around here!

And yayyyy i am in such a need of good Jay icons, so i will mosdef be checking yours out :D

I ordered the Fanboys dvd and Undeclared from Amazon, but seeing as i'm on the other side of the world, you might have to wait a while until i can rip and upload them. There's apparently a cast commentary for FB so i'm hoping it'll be just as lulzy as the movie itself :D

Welcome and yay for content ahaha

Yay! I'm making a bunch right now, so they shall be posted later!

I have Fanboys~ it's soooo goooood. I need to get Undeclared, though.. I haven't seen that show in so long.

and thank you for the welcome! :3 Glad to be here.

Hopefully this will become a community of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Randomly searching for Jay Baruchel comms on LJ and came across this! GAH. He so deserves his own comm :D

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